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How To Tame A Mantis In ARK




How To Tame A Mantis In ARK

Mantis is a carnivorous and aggressive creature in ARK world this creature is average in size and attacks all the creatures of its size if they come to his range. And mostly the beast appears in light green but sometimes also in the brown-yellowish shade.

Mantis also has some great utilities like it has the ability to equip different tools like pick or hatchet so that they can also help you gather different kinds of resources even you can use Mantis as a mobile light source by equipping Mantis with the touch.

Even Mantis has the ability to equip the weapons that let him attack other creatures and can also kill other creatures. Also with the help of Mantis you can tame other mid-level Scorpion easily.

How To Fight Mantis?

You will mostly find Mantis within the caves and desert dunes and also they found in group and when Mantis find a prey other also follows and try to reach the prey quickly and perform rapid slashing attacks. And that why you must not fight them in close combats unless you equip strong gear but if you don’t have that then better is to use range attacks and for that you can use fire arrows. But while fighting Mantis the best thing you can do is using bug repellant that will let you attack mantis without being noticed.

How To Tame A Mantis In ARK

tame a Mantis with a passive process
Image Credit – Tecorsuh

You have to tame a Mantis with a passive process and there are two different methods to tame Mantis and below you can check them.

In the first method you will be needed Deathworm Horn or Wolly Rhino Horn and Bug Repeleant and also a set of Ghillie Armor.

So you have to use Bug Repeleant on Mantis so that don’t show much aggression and Ghillie Armor will help you from Mantis’ attacks and then have to fed them the horns and have to fed her until the taming bar will full and you can control her.

In other process you need to create a trap where you will be need 4 walls on the first level and 3 walls on the second level once Mantis traped inside you can easily tame it by feeding without need any armor or repeleant.

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