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How To Tame A Featherlight In ARK




How To Tame A Featherlight In ARK

Featherlight is an Omnivore Bird creature and seems like a falcon or a pheasant also you can notice a glowing flight feathers on its head, wings, and tail as well as smaller insulatory feathers and also has a crest on the forehead, and also it has a v-shaped head crest behind his head.

So in this article we will see How To Tame A Featherlight In ARK but before we move to our main topic and let’s first discuss about other things related to the creature.

Basic Stats of Featherlight

  • Health – 115
  • Charge Regenratio – 180
  • Weight – 70
  • Movement Speed – 100%
  • Chrage Capacity – 100
  • Food – 450
  • Charge Emmision Range – 3
  • Torpidity – 60

Utility of Featherlight

Utility of Featherlight
Image Credit – Cjthecheesedj

Although you cannot use Featherlight to attack anyone but still they have some great utilities that you can use to easily progress in the game.

  • You can use Featherlight as a radar who will let you know about the enemies around you and even also tell you about the dangerous dino around.
  • As Featherlight is a very small creature which means it will be very easy for you to keep it and it is also a great companion for you.
  • You can also use Featherlight as a light source whenever you are in any dark location like in any dark cave.
  • And there are more such utilities you can have with Featherlight so taming her is a great option for the players.

How To Tame A Featherlight In ARK?

So the most important thing about taming a Featherlight is that you must not try to tame her violently. So you can find Featherlight in very dangerous location where either or Featherlight got killed and it flew away whenever you will try to tame her.

So the best option will be you must box her in and remove box wall from one side and place door there so that you both will be safe there and also it will not flew away. Other than that you can also wooden cage and honey method where you just need to place honey and when Featherlight will arrive and eating the honey you should again throw honey 10 foot far and place the cage there open the door once the creatures enter the cage you need to close it and then feed it from the bars until its taming meter gets full.

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