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How To Get Sulfur In ARK Fjordur




How To Get Sulfur In ARK Fjordur

The resource is a very important part of the ARK: Survival Evolved gameplay that helps the players to survive such a harsh environment and resource is the ingredient that helps the players for the required items Sulfur is one of the very important resources available in the game that let players set things on fire and also help in crafting the things like Preserving Salt, Flamethrower and a few other things.

ARK has various maps and different maps have different amounts of Sulfur availability but in Fjordur you will get a single dedicated place where you can farm a huge amount of Sulfur and on the page, we have to shred the location of that place.

How To Get Sulfur In ARK Fjordur

 Lat 72.0, Lon 92.6
Image Credit – ConCon

In order to get Sulfur, you need to visit the bottom right of the map which is Volcan Island and on the island, you will find Balheimr Sulfur Pools where you can get lots of Sulfur and the coordinates for the place is Lat 72.0, Lon 92.6 to find the sulfur pools.

And there are ample amount of rocks in yellow and brownish shade and on mining them with the help of the pickaxe you will find huge amount of Sulfur. You can also use Anky in order to mine the rocks.

One more things that you should keep on your mind is that you should not spend much of time there as the area is quite hot and you will start loosing your health and if not leave the place in right time then it can claim your life.

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