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ARK Fjordur: How To Get Organic Polymer




How To Get Organic Polymer

If you are searching for a substitute for the Polymer in ARK Fjordur then Organic Polymer is the best one that occurs naturally. You can use the resource for crafting and is really very strong and it is found in the structure of lightweight plates.

You can obtain this item from various creatures like Kairuku, Mantis, Hesperornis, and Karkinos by killing them, also this item is highly dangerous for the players and has the ability to claim the life of the characters because of its high damage ability.

Most Organic Polymer is used in order to craft Ghillie Suit and the Frog Feet but at the same time, you also use this item to craft other items.

ARK Fjordur: How To Get Organic Polymer

ARK Fjordur: How To Get Organic Polymer
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Below we have mentioned all the locations and methods to get Organic Polymer so go and check them out.

Organic Polymer From Bee Caves

One of the best locations to get Organic Polymer is Bee Caves and the cave is situated at the Crustal isles and there you find this item in huge amount and in order to extract the item we will be needed tools like Sword or Wooden Bat.

There are also a few creatures that has the ability to extract this item for you and some of them are Doedicurus, Magmasaur and more.

Organic Polymer By Taming Achatina

Achatina is a creature that resembles like snails and has the ability to produce Organic Polymer naturally and gradually the item will become large in number.

So as the creature produces Organic Polymer you can easily tame the creature and can set it on wander so that will continue producing the Organic Polymer.

Organic Polymer By Producing Artifically

In order to produce this item artificially we will be required engram, fabricator, Obsidian, and cementing paste.

But there is a problem with this method that is you will not be able to do that until you reach level 40 as only then you will engram which is a very important item to produce Organic Polymer Artificially.

Organic Polymer By Grinding Items

Another great source of obtaining Organic Polymer is by grinding the items that is crafted by Polymer. When you grind an item crafted of Polymer it will converted into Organic Polmer.

So if you have different items made up of polymer you can grind it in order to get the Organic Polymer.

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