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ARK Fjordur

Ferox Cave Fjordur location And Taming Guide




Ferox Cave Fjordur location And Taming Guide

ARK Fjordur is the map expansion of the ARK: Survival Evolved that has so many different creatures with awesome different abilities and among also those awesome creatures there few very different form other and players really want to tame them but the problem here is they don’t know where do they spawn and how to tame them.

Forex is one of such amazing creature that players trying to find its location and and trying to tame them but many of them not getting their locations but don’t worry here we wills ahre the Forex Cave location where you can find them and also we have share the Forex Taming process so without any further ado and them that out.

Ferox Cave Fjordur location

Ferox Cave Fjordur location

In order to get to Ferox Cave you have to head towards the western region of the Fjordur map and you can also reach to these coordinates those are exact location Lat 20.6, Lon 08.5. Because of the freezing cold place you need to go there with some great insulation and good set of armor.

Once you will reach the coordinates you will see a huge rock slanting over the cave and you have to enter that cave where you can also find different dangerous creatures like polar bear and wolves that can even claim you life so you must be careful of them.

How To Tame Ferox?

How To Tame Ferox?

Ferox is a very small and cute creature that you can find in the Ferox Cave that’s location we have already shared above on the article. But this cute creature can turn into a beast like creature as soon as anyone feed him the elements and also able to attack the feeder.

As the Ferox has the ability to grants you +225 Hyperthermic and +225 Hypothermic protection it is a great helper in the cold. You can also use Ferox in some deadly fights with bosses because of its high attack speed, high damage and resistance to damage in full addiction and it is also able to wear helmet.

So the process quite simple and but at the same time quite dangerous too so first when you reach the cave and when any forex approaches you, you have to feed him elements and as soon as you give him element be ready to run and go as far as you can from Ferox because it will suddenly turn into a massive giant after eating the element.

And you have to keep yourself away because it can kill you if you are near to Forex and have to wait until it get back to its small form and then again feed him until the taming bar got filled and this process is depending on its level.

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