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ARK Fjordur

Ark Fjordur: Village Locations

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Ark Fjordur: Village Locations

ARK Fjordur has included three different villages on the map that are really great places that will keep you safe from those powerful and dangerous creatures until you have made yourself enough skillful to fight those creatures.

These villages must have lived once but now everyone who was living here has gone and the place is safe for the players as they can make this place a great location for the base. As you will find already build structures in this village that you can modify according to yourself so that you will have a great base very fewer resources.

Even you can grow your resources here in order to progress in the game, so I think these places can be very helpful for the players and that’s why we have shared the location of the villages here on this page below.

Ark Fjordur: Village Locations

So the three villages’ games have included are Red forest, Whiterun, and Vardiland village, we have also shared the exact coordinates of the locations so that you can find them easily.

Red forest

Image Credit – Jade PG

This village gets its name because of the appearance of the forest which is completely Red and because of which it is quite easy to spot the place. Because of its red color, the forest looks really cool and amazing.

Besides looking cool it also gives you great protection from the various dangerous creature because of its natural circular pool covering the village from all the sides and because you also do not have to invest other resources and you can use them in better places.

You also got free space between the structures where you can do various activities like farming to gather resources for yourself.

Coordinates – 63 latitude and 35 longitude


Image Credit – Jade PG

If you see the village, it will feel like it is paying tribute to Whiterun as the architecture of the structures resembles that way. So in order to visit this village players have to first visit the Asgard region with the help of the portal which we have already talked about in our previous articles so if you have no idea how to reach the portal then you can check this article on Teleport Between Realms.

As soon as you will reach the region you will have to find the purple trees on the maps and because of their different color you can easily spot the place and near the forest, you can find the village and at the entrance, you will see a huge house of Viking and you can enter now in the village with keeping in your mind about the dangerous creatures you can find initially.

Coordinates – 20 latitude and 25 longitude


As soon as you will reach this little village you will find small houses, an orchard, an unfinished fence, and a Longhouse. Also, you will find crates and barrels here and there on the ground that you can break in order to get food from them.

Other than that you can also encounter some dangerous creatures in this village-like wolves, alpha, raptors, and more, and that’s why you have to be very careful when you are roaming around the village. And also to protect yourself you can put fences around your base.

Coordinates – 69 latitude and 05 longitude

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