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ARK Fjordur Otter Locations

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ARK Fjordur Otter Location

Otter is a small creature with short, lustrous brown fur in the game who spends most of his life in water also they don’t leave their original place and wander around their origin quickly. You can also use Otters to find different creatures like fish, silica pearls, and black pearls.

They are also very helpful in harvesting meat from dead corpses, but one more thing to remember is once you tame Otter they will only eat fish. So knowing ARK Fjordur Otter Locations can be very helpful for the players as they can help you in different manners.

There are more utilities of Otter that can help you in the game like they are early hunters, can collect pearls for you, can also provide stacking insulation effect, also helpful in transporting Artifacts, and last but not the least Otter is also able to attack directly from your shoulder.

So because of all these utilities, Otter is a very important creature for you who can become a great companion of yours in the game. So without any further ado let’s check the ARK Fjordur Otter Locations.

ARK Fjordur Otter Locations

Lat 28.63 - Lon 83.92
Image Credit – Kittykatlapurr

To find Otter in ARK Fjordur you need to visit the coordinates Lat 28.63 – Lon 83.92 and the other location where you can find them is Lat 25.41 – Lon 46.65.

So the first location is Redwoods where there is a little pond and that is the best place to find them as there are so many Otters in this small pond. And the second location is the river waterfall and there you will also find some otters.

But one more thing is aware of the strange dangers as they can claim your life and if you have the flyer then it will be great for you. So just dive in and find a bunch of the amazing Otters.

So these are the two locations Lat 28.63 – Lon 83.92 and Lat 25.41 – Lon 46.65 where you can simply visit and able to find the ARK Fjordur Otter and tame them.

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