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ARK Fjordur How To Tame Shinehorn




ARK Fjordur How To Tame Shinehorn

Shinehorn is a Herbivorous and less aggressive creatures in the world of ARK Fjordur whom you can discover mostly on lunar biome, Bioluminescent zone, and rockwells garden. And if we talk about it appearance Shinehorn is small, cute and fluppy like creature and they are quite defenseless creature and mostly get away if feel any danger with the help of their  glowing antlers.

Before we move further let’s first talk about the abilities of Shinehorn and then we will see how you can tame this creature.

Because of its charge light ability it will able to protect you from the nameless creatures that can emerge from anywhere in the absence of charge light and can kill the players. And at the same time it also has the ability to detect nearby enemies and also the creatures of maximum levels.

It also act as a great backpack and any item kept on its inventory will weight 50% less than its actual weight. And can also become a great companion in your harsh journey.

ARK Fjordur How To Tame Shinehorn

tame Shinehorn non violently

So we have to tame Shinehorn non violently and also for different level of shinehorn you will have to feed different items, let’s what you can feed them in order to tame them.

 Level 1Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 100:000:01:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 500:500:03:21
 Sweet Vegetable Cake1800:170:04:49
 Amarberry Seed34400:000:04:36
 Citronal Seed42900:000:04:35
Table Credit – Fandom
 Level 30Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 202:010:02:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 900:450:06:01
 Sweet Vegetable Cake3200:160:08:33
 Amarberry Seed62900:000:08:24
 Citronal Seed78600:000:08:24
Table Credit – Fandom
 Level 60Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 301:300:03:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 1300:430:08:41
 Sweet Vegetable Cake4700:160:12:33
 Amarberry Seed92500:000:12:21
 Citronal Seed115600:000:12:20
Table Credit – Fandom
 Level 90Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 401:200:04:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 1700:420:11:21
 Sweet Vegetable Cake6100:160:16:17
 Amarberry Seed122000:000:16:17
 Citronal Seed152500:000:16:17
Table Credit – Fandom
 Level 120Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 401:200:04:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 2100:420:14:01
 Sweet Vegetable Cake7600:160:20:17
 Amarberry Seed151600:000:20:13
 Citronal Seed189400:000:20:13
Table Credit – Fandom
 Level 150Feeding IntervalTime
 Plant Species Z Seed 501:150:05:01
 Aggeravic Mushroom 2500:410:16:41
 Sweet Vegetable Cake9100:160:24:17
 Amarberry Seed181100:000:24:09
 Citronal Seed226400:000:24:09
Table Credit – Fandom

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