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ARK Fjordur

ARK Fjordur: How To Tame Rock Drake




How To Tame Rock Drake

ARK Rock Drake is a Carnivore and Aggressive creature who is really very dangerous and can be found mostly in radioactive areas once he sees you he will instantly attack you and you will often see them in large spread-out groups.

If we talk about his appearance he is a large lizard-like creature with rough and spiny scales on him. And they also have crown-like feathers on their head and when they attain their camouflage stage Rock Drake will get a shimmering effect with a faint blue line going around its edges.

ARK Rock Drake Abilities

So if talk about its abilities and they are so many that make him a great creature to tame and below we have mentioned the abilities that you can check.

  • Exploration Abilities – This creature has extraordinary exploring abilities so he is as good in the water as he is in-ground and can also glide great. Other than that he can also climb the mountain surfaces.
  • Transportation – As we have just told you the exploration ability of the Rock Drake makes him a great helper to transport the items and he is also able to transport heavy items for you.
  • Egg Thief – Rock Darke has the natural ability to steal and travel which made him a great Egg Thief mostly he steals the egg from the creature of his own kind of species and at the same time also capable of fighting the creatures that come into his path.
  • Reaper Hunter – As soon as any reaper comes near them the feather on their head starts glowing and start locating the creature by moving on the side the creature is present and they are also good Reaped killer with high enough levels of health and damage.

How To FIght Rock Drake?

ARK Rock Drake Abilities

As soon as you will attack a Rock Drake all the nearby Drake will also get aggressive and started attacking that will be quite difficult for you to escape and if you have a low-level mount then it will become fatal for you and that’s why you must have a powerful one.

And as you know that others will also attack so the best thing will be to attack an isolated Drake that will be easier to kill or tame.

How To Tame Rock Drake ARK?

In order to tame a Rock Drake, you have to steal their egg and hatch them as a full-grown Drake is not possible to tame. And in order to find them, you have to go to Grave of the Lost and like other creatures, Drake also protects their eggs and when you try to steal them they will attack you and try to kill you.

The location where you will find the egg is really very dangerous which means you have to be very careful as dangerous creatures can kill you as well as you also have to be aware of the radiation.

After stealing the egg you have to hatch and raise him and also you have to feed Drake to grow him and you can feed a kind of meat to him and make him a full-grown powerful Rovk Drake.

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