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ARK Fjordur: How To Tame Ice Titan




How To Tame Ice Titan

Ice Titan whom you may also know as King of Ice, Ice Kaiju, and Ice Manipulator is one of the four Titan ARK Fjordur has. He has a massive appearance and huge claws with dangerous teeth you will also see a horn in the middle of his head and is covered with bright white fur and those are quite long.

If you are able to tame an Ice Titan you will have a war machine as he has some devastation and destructive powers and he is really huge as he is the 4th huge creature in the game with the ability to freeze the opponent with his icy breath. And also if you want to defeat King Titan then he is a great creature that you tame.

How To Fight Ice Titan

Image Credit – GG Fizz

As soon as you reach the snow dome you will see Ice Titan started appearing out of thin air and then started the fight with a huge roar because of its HP of 350000 he is one of the toughest titans to defeat. And he has some deadly attacks too like if you get caught by his icy breath you will instantly get freezer and make you an easy target and kill you easily. One more thing that you need to keep in your mind is that some more creatures can also attack you while fighting Ice Titan.

The easiest way to deplete the health of Ice Titan is to spot the purple area on the Ice Titan so that you can remove the corruption and attack there as much as you can but make sure you don’t do over otherwise he may get killed and if you want tame Ice Titan you have to start again from the scratch. As he is not quick so you won’t feel much difficulty attacking him.

And the weapon that can do wonders for you is Mek Seige Cannon and you have to focus on his chest, ankle, and shoulder (right).

How To Tame Ice Titan

Image Credit – GG Fizz

So in order to tame the Ice Titan, all you have to do is remove the corruption nodes from the titan and he will get tamed. You will find the nodes on his right shoulder, right ankle, and chest. So the process is simple and you have to have a good amount of patience in you and whenever he got distracted by creatures you will get your time and hit the right spot. Also because of his slow movement, you can still able to hit him.

But you need to make sure that while attacking the nodes you don’t get him hurt otherwise you may kill Ice Titan so the aim is very important here.

Thing Required To Open Ice Titan Portal

  • Corrupt Heart – x100 (obtained as a rare drop from killing the larger Corrupted Creatures)
  • Therizino Claws – x10 (found on a dead  Therizinosaur)
  • Artifact of the Void – x1 (Found within the Ice biome)
  • Spinosaurus Sail – x10 (found on a dead Spino)

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