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ARK Fjordur

ARK Fjordur How To Get To Jotunheim




ARK Fjordur How To Get To Jotunheim

ARK: Survival Evolved is an amazing game with many different maps and zones and Fjordur is the latest expansion of the maps that have that has 3 different realms that are Vanaheim, Asgard, and Jotunheim today on this page we will share the information about Jotunheim like How To Get To Jotunheim, how to survive there and other different things.

Compare to all the three realms Jotunheim is the coldest one where you can only see thick layers of snow in each and every direction. And if you are planning to visit this realm then you must prepare yourself properly with cold resistance gears in order to survive there properly.

And other than cold you should also be aware of the bears and wolves and they have the ability of shooting ice to harm you. And one more thing you should keep in your mind is that the cold can freeze you to death if you do not gear yourself properly.

ARK Fjordur How To Get To Jotunheim

ARK Fjordur How To Get To Jotunheim

In order to get to Jotunheim you will have to use the portals that you find in the cave, so there are three different portal for each realms and by interacting with the orbs you can reach to the particular realm.

This cave is actually situated on the southern part of the northern continent and you can also us the coordinates to reach there and here the coordinates Lat 40.8 and Lon 13.5 (How To Teleport In ARK Fjordur Between Realms/Zones) check this article for more information.

Once you reach the continent or coordinates you will find a huge golden rock in a green field and path going toward the rock that is divided into two different parts and you have to take the left one and that path you will take to the cave where you will find the portals and one of the portal will get you to Jotunheim.

How To Survive In Jotunheim

How To Survive In Jotunheim

As we have told you how dangerous this place is and serving this hard condition is not really easy and that’s why you should follow these things that will help survive in the hard condition of Jotunheim.

So the first things is your armor if you are depending on a premitive armor then this is going to very hard so i will suggest you to get a Fur Armour that will help you surviving this harsh condition. And the next thing you can use is Fria curry as this help in increasing your Hypothermia. Other than that an Otter (ARK Fjordur Otter Locations) will be also very helpful as it will increase the insulation to quite a high level.

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