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ARK Fjordur: How To Craft A Gas Mask




How To Craft A Gas Mask

ARK Fjordur is a great game with many different regions and enviourment and every enviourment has their own advantages and disadvantages like there many regions where the enviourment is very deadly that can kill you.

Also the game has many different and amazing creatures who are also quite dangerous and many of them has the poison attack that can also claim your life in the game and there comes our Gas Mask that can players surviving some dangerous situations.

It can help you survive in different poisionus enviourment or it can also help you bear the deadly poisionus attacks of different dangerous creatures.

Gas Mask Abilities

Gas Mask has ability to protect the player from the following dangerous things:

  • It can protect you from dangerous Dilophosaur Spit that has the ability to decrease you visibility and can also slows you.
  • Another important ability is that is can protect you from Poision Granade that can take your life or can make you unconsinious.
  • It is also very helpful against Tripwire Narcotic Trap.
  • Other than that it can also protect you from the Manticore quill projectile attack of the dangerous boss.
  • It can also save you from the poisionus game in the swamp cave and and The Snakepit.
  • And other than there are few more creatures in the game that attacks with the poison and venoms and this mask can help with those attacks.

How To Craft A Gas Mask

How To Craft A Gas Mask

These are things that you will be required in order to creaft the Gas Mask and those are Black Pearl, Polymer, Organic Polymer, Corrupted Nodule, Sap, Crystal or Prime Crystal, and Oil.

IngredientsAmount of Ingredients
Black Pearlx3
Polymer, Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodulex20
Crystal or Primal Crystalx10

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