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ARK Fjordur

ARK Fjordur Broodmother Location




ARK Fjordur Broodmother Location

In the most recent update of ARK Survival Evolved they have added the Fjordur region which is an expansion of the existed map, Broodmother is one of the different bosses available in the Fjordur region.

Defeating him can be very helpful for the players as they will get some amazing drops like Chitin, Polymer and a few other things and that’s why players are trying to hunt him down but many players are facing problem in order to find him but you don’t have to worry if you are among those players as you have landed to the right and here we have shared the ARK Fjordur Broodmother Location for you.

ARK Fjordur Broodmother Location

ARK Fjordur Broodmother Location
Image Credit – ConCon

So in order to find Broodmother players need get to Broodmother Arena and The Center Arena, You may also find Broodmother Arena as Cobweb Cave that is located at 73.1° Lat, 40.6° Lon.

But as the temperature of the cave is quite high and temperature is one of the core survival mechanics so you need to take care of that and Hyperthermia protection can be your sole helper and for additional protection you can also take Calien Soup with you as it can give you +50 increased hyperthermal insulation.

Green Obelisk

Obelisk are actually massive twoers that emit lights from them but the catch is they are floating towers and right now there three different types of Obelisk Green, Red, and Blue and Cobweb Cave is hidden because of the massive green obelisk and also this cave is quite outside from the playable region.

But you will be needed obelisk or Supply Crate in order to form the portal which once created will immediately teleport everything within its radius.

Things required to form the portal

Things required to form the portal
Image Credit – ConCon
Items RequiredAlphaGammaBeta
Titanoboa Venom1005
Sarcosuchus Skin1005
Artifact of the Hunter111
Argentavis Talon1005
Artifact of the Clever111
Artifact of the Massive111
Sauropod Vertebra1005

So that’s how you can reach to Fjordur Broodmother and defeat him and gain some amazing loots.

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