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ARK Fjordur

ARK Fjordur Beyla Location And Combat Guide




ARK Fjordur Beyla Location And Combat Guide

ARK Fjordur right after being released able to attract a huge amount of loyal gamers and which increased the searches for the game to the next level. The game has various amazing creatures, awesome locations, zones, and also powerful bosses and Beyla is one of those bosses.

Because of the awesome drop that Beyla will give, players are started searching for the boss, and here on this page, we will share all the important information regarding the Beyla, like ARK Fjordur Beyla Location, how to fight Beyla and what rewards you will get.

ARK Fjordur Beyla Location

ARK Fjordur Beyla Location
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In order to reach Beyla, you have to move toward the northern region of the Fjordur map and the exact coordinates for the location is Lat 4.0, Lon 47.5. After reaching the place you will find a cave with a huge entrance and in that particular cave, you will find the Beyla.

But you will not be going to see Beyla directly in the cave and you have to summon her with the help of a portal placed in the cave, but you will be needed runestones in order to activate the portal and to be exact you will be needed 30 runestones.

And there are various creatures in the game who can drop runestones and some of them are Alpha Carnotaurus, Alpha Karkinos, Alpha Leedsichthys, Alpha Megalodon and many more are available in there.

How To FIght Beyla World Boss?

How To FIght Beyla World Boss?

So after entering the cave, you have to defeat small bees after which you will be able to summon the Beyla, and one thing you have to keep in your mind is that right after appearing she will attack you with poison and you have to dodge her attack that you can do with the help of the Gas Mask that you can easily create with the help of the black pearl.

So if you have tame these creatures then this can be a great help for you and those are Megatherium, Shadowmanes, and Yutyrannus, and these creatures will be the best tame in order to defeat Beyla as Megatherium is a great bug killer, Shadowmanes has strong stats and great natural armor and last one Yutyrannus has great ability to boost your other tames.

As she has quite low health compared to other bosses so it will not be a tough fight for you but you have to be careful with a few of his attacks also because of the open world you also have to be careful of other creatures and that’s how it will easy for you to defeat Beyla.

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