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ARK Fjordur

All ARK Fjordur Gas Vein Locations




All ARK Fjordur Gas Vein Locations

When you are playing games like ARK: Survival Evolved you are heavily dependent on various resources in the game so you can smoothly progress in the game. And gas is one of such important resources that you will be needed in order to craft different items in the game.

And you can use gas to craft items with the help of Congealed Gas Balls the source to collect these Congealed Gas Balls are Gas Vein that you can consider as Condensed Gas deposits and spews out Congealed Gas Balls after a certain period of time and you can collect these balls with the help of Gas collector.

And there is various Gas Vein available in the game but many players find it quite difficult to find the coordinates you have landed on the best information source for ARK Fjordur and we have shared the All ARK Fjordur Gas Vein Locations here on this page below so without any further ado go and check out the Gas Vein Locations.

All ARK Fjordur Gas Vein Locations

Till now we have found two different caves where you will be able to find the Gas Vein and able to collect the Congealed Gas Balls but both caves have some distance in between so it will take some time to reach from one cave to the other.

And the first cave that we are going to visit is the Vardiland Cave which is covered with lots of snow the coordinates for the cave are Lat 86.1, Lon 05.3 that you can also see in the below image.

Vardiland Cave
Image Credit – Ninjakiller

Once you will reach the cave you have to follow the path until you will find the bridge and from there you have to take the left and enter another hole in the wall and again you have to follow the path and as soon as you will complete the path you will find the first Gas Vein out of the five gas vein situated in the Vardiland Cave. And the exact location for the first Gas Vein is Lat 84.1, Lon 13.2.

Lat 84.1, Lon 13.2
Image Credit – Ninjakiller

Now you don’t have to move very far to find the next gas vein as all the gas veins are quite near to each other and you can find the other ones by just finding the pink gas here are the coordinates for them Lat 83.4, Lon 14.3.

Lat 83.4, Lon 14.3
Image Credit – Ninjakiller

So all the other gas veins are also close you just have to move a bit forwards and here the coordinates for them, so the 3rd gas vein you will find at the 85.0, 16.2, and the 4th one can be found at 81.7, 16.8, and the last one on this cave is located at the 81.5, 15.0.

Now the next cave that we have to visit is Vannaland Cave which is under water and the coordinates for this cave are Lat 41.3, Lon 31.7

Vannaland Cave ARK
Image Credit – Ninjakiller

Here in this cave, you will be able to find four different Gas Veins, and below we have shared all the coordinates for them and you can also find them with the help of the pink gas the vein is releasing and also with the help of all the coordinates.

Vannaland Cave 1st gas vein
  • 1st Gas Vein 34.5, 32.2
  • 2nd Gas Vein 33.5, 31.2
  • 3rd Gas Vein 32.6, 32.8
  • 4th Gas Vein 33.3, 33.1

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