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Ninja Mod In Among Us: Explained



Ninja Mod In Among Us: Explained

One more mod is added in the Among Us named Ninja. The developer of Among Us InnerSloth has released a new mod Ninja that gives the imposters abilities like Ninja.

If you are searching for “What Is The ‘Ninja’ Mod In Among Us?” and “How it works” then you are in the right place. Here, We are going to share everything about the Ninja Mod.

What is the ‘Ninja’ Mod in Among Us?

Ninja Mod In Among Us: Explained

The new release Among Us Ninja mod gives Ninja abilities to the Imposters and they can easily use this ability to kill crewmates without getting caught. If you are playing Among Us as a Ninja Imposters then you can only use throwing stars to kill crewmates.

When you will activate Ninja Mod in Among Us then you will not be able to see the Kill icon or button. You need to use the Throw Star button to kill crewmates. Ninja imposters also have the ability to use smoke bombs to make all the players blind for a particular time.

The game has become more challenging after Ninja Mod is active because imposter as they no longer select the crewmate who they want to kill by Throw star. A crewmates icon appear on the bottom left of every round and Ninja can only kill the players whose icon shows during the round.

We hope this guide for “Ninja Mod In Among Us” will help you to use the abilities of the Ninja in a better way. You can use the Ninja Mod and enjoy its ability. If you want to learn more guide about the game then visit our Among Us guide section or use the search box.

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