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Best Roles In Among Us Explained With Tier List 2022

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Best Roles In Among Us Explained With Tier List

There are several roles available in Among Us that can be chosen randomly or given under some conditions. There are seven roles available in Among Us and these are Crewmate, Impostor, scientist, shapeshifter, engineer, guardian angel, and ghost.

Each character has a unique ability and job. For instance, Scientists can access vitals anytime on the map. If you don’t know roles of the Among Us best roles then here, we are going to share a full Tier List and role explanation.

Roles In Among Us Explained

Roles In Among Us

All the seven roles of Among Us are well explained below:


Shapeshifter is a role among us that has a special type of Imposter that can transform into any Crewmate. Shapeshifter has the ability to shapeshift into someone to frame them for murder.


The engineer has the ability to use Vents to fast travel across the map. Crewmates have the ability to only use hallways to go in different rooms but Engineers can travel to the same destination.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel allows a dead player to still play the game. They can give a protective shield to prevent imposters from killing for the short time.


The scientist has the ability to access their crew members’ vital signs at any time. These unique Crewmates have a personal monitor that helps in alerting them fastly somebody flatlines.


Ghost is a dead Crewmates and They can move through walls.


An impostor can kill cremates and go through vents easily.


Crewmate has the same role as before.

Roles In Among Us Tier List

Below, we are going to share Roles In Among Us Tier List that is ranked from S-Tier (Best) to F-Tier (Worst):

TiersRoles In Among Us
S TierEngineer
S TierShapeshifter
A TierGuardian Angel
B TierScientist
C TierImpostor
D TierCrewmate
F TierGhost

We hope Roles In Among Us Tier List will help you to choose the perfect Role in the game. This tier list is based on our gaming experience and may differ from player to player. Maybe you like the F Tier Role.

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