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What Is Potency In Diablo Immortal?




What Is Potency In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is an interesting game where players continuously need to upgrade their weapons and attributes in order to kill their enemies.

And it is very important in the game to know about the attributes as they are very essential and today in this article we will share information regarding one of such attributes and that is Potency.

What Is Potency In Diablo Immortal?

So Potency is a very important attribute that plays a very important role in the life of your character although this attribute is not the primary part of your character it still plays a significant role.

Diablo Immortal Potency attribute
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You may have witnessed attributes like Combat Rating, Armor, Armor Penetration, and Resistance these are are secondary attributes of the character and Potency is also a secondary attribute like these attributes.

But whats the primary use of this attribute so this attribute determines the duration of the debuff on your enemies as a passive damage effect where your attack continuously depleting the health of your enemy even you finished your attack. But it requires certain conditions to met and then it comes into effect and give great boost.

Your enemies resistance stats plays a vital role when you determine the potency stats as higher the potency stats compared to resistance stats the higher will be the debuff duration

You can also consider potency stats as one of the best crowd control attribute, and if you are playing the game as a monk the you can combine the potency attribute with the AoE attacks and then you can see the deadly combination. And if you want to increase your potency stats then you first have to increase your Willpower in the game.

Hepofully you get the proper information about your query and if you have more queries related to the game then you check other articles below.

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