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How To Win Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery

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How To Win Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery

Diablo Immortal became very famous just after getting released and a huge no. of new and old players are enjoying the game. And if you’re one of them who are enjoying this awesome game on your mobile devices then also want to join the shadows by winning the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery.

You may have witnessed that there are three different faction players and one among them is Shadows, Shadows are placed above the Adventurers and take their role more seriously also any shadow can become the Adventurer and can take the game to the next level.

How To Win Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery

There are two different ways to join the Diablo Immortal Shadows that is shadow Lottery and Shadow Invitation but in this article, we will see only how to join shadows by winning the lottery. The most important part here is to complete the Bilefen questline and reached level 43 and then only you can think about further things.

How To Win Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery

Every day you can once visit the mysterious patron whom you can find in the Tavern in Westmarch where they enter a lottery to see whether you have been selected by the patron or not.

If you got selected in the lottery which is completely based on your luck you will get an invitation and you have to visit the room that is right behind you where players must have to prove themselves by defeating the three different enemies that you will find in that room.

If you got successful in defeating those enemies then it will be very helpful for the players to learn a lot about the unique shadow activities and you will also be welcomed into the Court of Whispers.

Hope you get the proper information about the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery and below you can check more guides related to the game:

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