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How To Light All Nine Lamps In Diablo Immortal




How To Light All Nine Lamps In Diablo Immortal

Most action-adventure games have one thing in common and that is action and puzzles and you can encounter the same thing with Diablo Immortal. And here we will share the information about the Nine Lamp Puzzle that you will find in the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

So now after you accept the Curator quest you need to move towards the south first and then move to the west and then you will be able to find the first runes but unfortunately, you can only open it after solving the puzzle with the help of different clues.

So you will find nine different lamps there that will be placed in a diamond shape and you have to light up all the nine lamps in order to complete the puzzle but the problem here is when you will light up the second lamp after the first then the earlier one will go out. So you have to do this in a strategic way and here we have shared the strategy below.

How To Light All Nine Lamps In Diablo Immortal

Here is the solution for you first you need to light up the four lamps that are situated on the four different sides. So once you are done with all the corner lamps then you need to light the lamp in the center and in that way all the other lamps will also be lit up.

And that’s how you will complete the first lost ruin quest and you will be rewarded with the first of the three runes. And you have to keep your journey one and you will be able to find the other runes.

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