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How To Get Wings In Diablo Immortal




Diablo Immortal is an RPG game where you can play as a character from different classes like barbarian, monk, crusader, and other and you kill bosses and enemies in order to progress in the game.

And the game has offers many awesome things for the players and wings is one of them, that makes the character look awesome and also it will give you a different look from others but the problems here is that it requires lots of cash to purchase. But we are here to help you out to get this amazing item without investing your money

One more thing all different items that are available in the game do not give you any advantage rather they are just for the different look, so they will only give you a unique look and that’s it. And if you see there are different item available in the game and some can be purchased in game while others you can obtain by progressing and completing various other things in the game.

How To Get Wings In Diablo Immortal

Wings In Diablo Immortal

You will be needed 1000 resonance in order to get the smallest Wings that is of Tier 1 and to get resonance you have to made the donation in the shop. So the more resonance you have in your wallet the more wings you can add to your costume.

And you may also have to invest around $300 to $400 so that you can have sufficient amount of legendary gems and also the resonance points. And then you have to open your cosmetic tab and there you can get your set of wings.

And the highest you can invest is 5000 resonance as the 5 Tier wings is the highest one and you have to follow the same path in order to get the highest tier wings.

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