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How To Get Gems In Diablo Immortal




How To Get Gems In Diablo Immortal

Gems are a very important part of the Diablo Immortal game as with the help of the gems you will be able to upgrade your weapons. And you can find different kinds of gems in the game on both normal and Legendry and today in this article we will find out the places where you can find them.

Having powerful weapons in the Diablo Immortal helps you kill the powerful enemies but as you progress you will encounter more powerful enemies and then you will be needed more powerful weapons you can find powerful weapons or you also have the option to use gems as they can make your weapon more powerful.

Other than that gems also have special abilities that let the characters withstand numerous powerful attacks so that characters can progress in the game.

How To Use The Gems?

How To Use The Gems?
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So basically there are 10 different normal gems with different ranks while legendary gems which are very rare have three different categories of 1star, 2 stars, and 5 stars and one can get these gems without doing a lot of hard work.

And in order to use the Gems, you have to reach level 15 first as only then you can unlock the ability to equip the gems into the equipment, so the equipment needs a socket where you will place your gems in order to use it with your weapon. And if you want to grow fast in the game then you can check this article How To Level Up Fast And Effectively in Diablo Immortal.

Let’s Find Gems in Diablo Immortal

Let's Find Gems in Diablo Immortal
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One more thing even if you do not have the equipment when you find the gems to equip them you can keep them with yourself and use them later.

So there are three different ways through which players can acquire the gems first they can buy the gems from Hilts trader but you can only purchase limited no. of gems from the second, they have the option to get the gems from Hidden Lairs and in the last option, they can purchase them from the market from the other players.

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