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Diablo Immortal How To Change Dungeon Difficulty




Diablo Immortal How To Change Dungeon Difficulty

As soon as the much-awaited Diablo Immortal game has released huge no. of players started experiencing the game, players are battling against and with each other so that they can improve their levels, demon slayers so that they will be able to defeat powerful bosses, and each other.

This sets the competition level very high and that’s why players keep on finding important information that can give them a slight edge against their opponent. And that’s why many players have found the dungeon level very hard and want to set it too easy or some want greater challenges in the dungeons so that they can become more skillful and able to conquer the world. Whatever the case is we will see how to change dungeon difficulty in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal How To Change Dungeon Difficulty

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the difficulty unless you reach level 60, till then you will be playing the game in a single shared difficulty. But once you reach level 60 you will automatically unlock the option to change the difficulty of the dungeon.

So you will have four different difficulty options that are from:

  • Hell 1 Difficulty: Paragon Level 1-60, Monster Battle Rating of 390
  • Hell 2 Difficulty: Paragon Level 30-130, Monster Battle Value of 1190
  • Hell 3 Difficulty: Paragon Level 90-210, Monster Battle Value of 2150
  • Hell 4 Difficulty: Paragon Level 160-300, Monster Battle Rating of 3270

As you will set the difficulty level higher your enemies will be able to withstand more than before but the advantage is they will drop more amazing loot for you. Your battle rate will also increase as you will improve your gears and legendary gems.

So setting your level higher is quite important as you will be able to get better equipment in the game and also you will be able to complete individual set items. So in order to change the difficulty after reaching level 60, you need to reach Westmark, after reaching there bring up your map, and there you will find a skull icon tap that one. And there you will find the option to change the difficulty level.

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