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Diablo Immortal How To Auto Navigate




Diablo Immortal How To Auto Navigate

So you will eight different dungeons in the Diablo Immortal game which you have to explore a lot in the game. But because of the features like auto navigation, it becomes very easy for the players to reach the places and that’s why here on this page we will see how to auto navigate in the Diablo Immortal game.

Diablo Immortal How To Auto Navigate

In Diablo Immortal it’s not as simple as just pressing a key to make your character auto-run which you may find in many different games.

So to do that you first need to unlock the feature and for that, you have to complete all the quests in a particular zone, so to make your character autorun in every zone you have to complete the quests in every particular zone.

So completing quests in a one-zone will not going to give you access to the Auto Navigate in the next zone. So you have to invest a lot of time in order to unlock auto navigation in the complete world of Diablo Immortal.

Toggle Auto Navigate

Toggle Auto Navigate

After completing all the quests in a zone, you have to open the map and there you have to click on a named location and that will create a waypoint to the location. This will activate the auto navigation feature and the character will start navigating on their own to reach the place.

Other than that you also have the option to tap on the top left corner which also starts the auto navigating option and makes its way to the location. And if you want to turn off the auto navigating then you simply need to click anywhere on the screen and you will get the control back in your hands.

One more thing that you must keep in your mind is that your character will not collect any loot while he is on auto navigating mode but you can start auto collect and then it will start auto collecting loot but still there is a drawback where he will not attack unless you take the control back in your hands.

What If diablo immortal auto navigation not working?

There are many complaints by different players that Diablo Immortal auto navigation is not working if the same thing is happening with you then you first need to check for the quests, whether you have completed all of them or not. If still facing the same issue then you need to restart your game to fix the issue. And hopefully, developers will fix this issue in one of their upcoming updates.

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