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Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage Event Guide




Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage Event Guide

Haunted Carriage is the new event in the game Diablo Immortal that on completing will reward you with swathes of Enchanted Dust but many players do not have the proper information about the Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage Event Guide and on this page, we will be sharing all the information regarding this.

This is a unique event that happens in the Ashwold Cemetery zone and this is quite easier if you compared it to other ones even being an easier zone it rewards you some decent amount of loot. So completing this event will be great whenever you will get the time.

So let’s dive into the event but wait before that let me tell you about the timing of the event and Haunted Carriage Event is available for the players from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM depending on your server time. And you can start it once every two hours.

Haunted Carriage Event Guide

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Eastern Gardens waypoint is the place that is located in the Ashwold Cemetery and there you have to go in order to start the event. As soon as you reach the place you will be asked to join the event by the prompt and you just have to press OK to start the event.

After pressing OK you don’t have to do anything and the game will automatically take you to the Haunted Carriage, but there is also an option to go there manually, and also it can save some time.

You can see the location of Haunted Carriage on the map and you will always find the location in the same place you can move to that place directly by taking the help of your map.

Event Walkthrough

The event of the name itself gives hint that the players have to escort a carriage that is haunted to its location, so the protector of the carriage you have to protect it from all the undead creatures that you encounter in your journey. All the creatures you will find on your path are not very tough to defeat so it won’t be going to difficult for you.

After you kill all the enemies you will reach the final destination with the carriage and now you will find the boss the Tax Collector and here you have to kill the boss, although even if you are successful in hitting him once you will be liable for your share of the rewards.

What Player Will Receive After Hitting Tax Collector Once?

What Player Will Receive After Hitting Tax Collector Once?
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  • Random Normal/Rare/Legendary items
  • A Class Consumable item
  • 3 x Experience Orbs
  • 6 x Enchanted Dust

So you can take part in 7 events in a day which means you can easily earn up to 42 Enchanted Dust and also staying below Server Paragon Level you can double this Enchanted Dust number.

So hope you get the complete information regarding the Haunted Carriage and if you want more information then you can guides we have shared below.

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