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Diablo Immortal: Daily Routine, Activity Checklist, And Reset Guide

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Diablo Immortal: Daily Routine, Activity Checklist, And Reset Guide

As soon as Diablo Immortal was introduced to the players it gained huge popularity and also huge no. of players are playing continuously to reach the legendary stage. The game has different modes available for the players like PvE mode and PvP mode so the game is very interesting but if players want to reach such amazing stages they have to put lots of effort and time. And here are a few of the daily tasks that you must perform in order to reach the top of the stages.

Diablo Immortal Daily Routine

As there are two different modes in the game that is PvE or PvP where in the PvE mode you have to play solo and test your own strength by playing on the hardest levels on the other hand PvP is the mode where you play duel and dominate the players. And both the modes have their different daily routines that we have mentioned below and you can check them.

PvE Daily Activity Checklist

PvE Daily Activity Checklist
  • Daily Free Rewards – You will find the bundle section in the shop section and other you will be able to claim the rewards.
  • Your First Kill Of The Day – Even just making one kill a day you will be able to collect the rewards from the first kill of the data tab.
  • Complete Featured Activities – A few activities are featured on a daily basis and appear on your screen and completing those activities gives you some good XP and rewards too.
  • Complete Bounties – First you need to unlock the bounty board from Westmarch and then you will get 12 tasks on daily basis and they were in four different batches. And after completing the tasks you need to visit Derek near the Bounty Board and he will give you the rewards.
  • Challenge Rifts – So here you don’t have to do anything specific all you have to do is perform well and get a good ranking on the leaderboard and you will be rewarded based on your ranking.
  • Complete Zone Events – Here you have to complete the different zone events and they are only available between 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM depending upon your server.
  • Check the Hilts Trader As you can guess by the name he is a trader and you can buy some great items from him so visit him and buy the thing you want.

PvP Daily Activity Checklist

In this mode, you have to complete daily three battlegrounds and the Cycle of Strife Challenges and you will be rewarded will various items and XPs.

Follow This Routine

Follow This Routine

So the first thing you have to do is make your first kill and then claim the reward from the shop menu. Then you need to kill Helliquary bosses that you can only do twice in a week. Now Completing your daily activity rewards that are one of the most important things as it can give up to 120 battle points.

So now you have to complete the Cycle of Strife which is the shadow and immortal daily activities and quest that helps you push your faction ahead and also different potential rewards. Then go for the zone events that are available for 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM according to your zone timings.

Now go for the Kulle’s Hidden Chambers event you will find this event in the library of Zoltun Kulle. Now you have to do the search for the 5 different lost pages once found a portal will open and then you have to face random challenges after completing the challenge you will be rewarded with the chest.

And this event can be done 10 times a day and also you can check the public chat as this is a public event which means anyone can perform this. Now you can also perform Legacy of the Horadrim which is a chest opening event where you can open 1 free chest and up to 21 with the help of Aspirant’s Keys or Platinum. And to get you to have to kill Iben Fahd’s Sanctum enemies.

Other than that you also have the options to complete the 8 Bounties per day and complete the Bestiary pages. So if you do all these things then chances are very high that you will end up having good points and rewards in your bag.

You can also take part in the Battleground event which is a PvP one and can earn a good amount of Reforge Stones but the event is only available for 2 hours at 8 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm depending on your server time.

Hope you get the proper information and you also check these articles for more info on Diablo Immortal How To Change Dungeon Difficulty, How To Level Up Fast And Effectively.

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