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Welcome to, This makes us really happy that you want to know about us, and below you can find the complete information about GamersRaft and Team.

GamersRaft is a small group of friends where everyone is very fond of the gaming world. All the members of the GamersRaft family have their own specialization in different games and we also know there are a huge number of gamers out there who face different problems while gaming.

So to help those gamers we have started GamersRaft where we share all the different kinds of pieces of information related to gaming news, updates, review, codes, and many other things.

We want to make this platform a one-stop solution for all the passionate gamers and for that we are working day and night we want you to follow your passion and reach the top of the tally and we are always there to help out by providing the essential information you needed to give your best. We are continuously trying to make our family bigger and better to provide you with better pieces of information.

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Sumit is a Marketer by education and gamer by passion and he loves to play different games but most of his time he spends with Fortnite so here at GamersRaft he is helping other players with Fortnite content but also sharing some other important information related to other games.

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Saloni Garg

Our designing queen also loves to play video games, read, and gain knowledge about different games which she shares here at GamersRaft that other mature and hardcore gamers can take benefit of to reach the top of the tally.

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Anamika Adhikari

Anamika loves to play different games but at the end of the day, she devotes most of her time to call of duty and also keeps herself updated with all the important information and also shares here at GamersRaft to help other gamers.

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Shivam Tiwari

Shivam is a tech-savvy person who also loves to play games, as a tech-savvy person he is well informed about the latest technology and latest games which is shared here at GamersRaft and helps passionate gamers.

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